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99.9999% Effective Virucide
EPA rated Log 6
disinfect and decontaminate
Ensure A Pathogen-Free
 Non-Toxic Environment
These are difficult times.

 We have spent more than the last 100 days primarily staying at home in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. While this has been effective, the time has come for business to begin to reopen. 

In addition, essential workers continue to be in positions of stress and increased exposure. Hospitals, food service, transportation, governmental, and grocery workers continue to be at greater risk.

As we've established social distancing and require masks for public interaction, we continue to be concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and ask those at high risk to remain at home.

How long can it continue? 

As businesses, organizations and government seek to reopen facilities, a variety of products and practices are being utilized to ensure a clean, virus-free environment for the public.

Many establishments will even be guided by D.O.R.A. guidelines for sanitizing, however, even those guidelines will vary in utilization from user to user, place to place, product to product.

Simply, there has been no definitive solution. Dozens of products with varying levels of toxicity, taking effect from seconds to minutes, with differing levels of disinfection. 

How can you be certain your decontamination is not as harmful as the pathogens you are eliminating? That it is fully effective? ELECTRO-BIOCIDE®. 
  • ​ disinfected & use ready in minutes
  • ​​​ 99.9999% effectively kills COVID-19
  • ​​electro-static application ensures thorough coverage
  • n​o touch/no wipe application saves time and labor costs
  •  ​​safe for humans, animals and the environment
  • ​No PPE needed 
  • ​ ​hospital clean
  •  ​food grade
  • ​​​​non-toxic
  • ​​ bio-degradable
  • ​bactericidal & virucidal
  • ​EPA registered GREEN product -  category IV toxicity rating
  99.9999% Effective
    ELECTRO-BIOCIDE® is an EPA-registered, broad-spectrum, hospital-grade bactericidal and virucidal cleaner.

    This product has been tested and proven effective against both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses and has been listed on EPA’s List N as effective against SARS-CoV-2, the viral pathogen responsible for COVID-19.

    Electro-BioCide® has been developed to quickly and effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It has been tested by accredited laboratories and in medical care centers, where it has been found to be both safe and highly effective. 
  Use Everywhere
  • ​HEALTHCARE - For use in hospitals and long term care facilities, medical and dental offices.
  • ​​SCHOOLS - Safe in areas used by children.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - Clean buses, benches, and door handles
  • ​PERSONAL CARE PROVIDERS - Massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, barbers, hair & nail salons.
  • ​OFFICE and RETAIL - Non-toxic and effective on soft surfaces, equipment, inventory, and in foodservice.
  • ​FOOD PRODUCTION - Clean equipment, restrooms, and surfaces.
  • ​MANUFACTURING - Sanitize buildings, products, and offices.
  • AT HOME - In residential settings to keep homes safe from harmful pathogens.
  Green Solution 
    ELECTRO-BIOCIDE® has an EPA-registered Category IV toxicity rating.​​​​​ Essentially as inert as tapwater.

    Our product is environmentally “GREEN”, utilizing EPA-approved “Design for Environment” (DfE) additives, making it both safe for human exposure and environmentally benign.

    The formula will not harm equipment or corrode metal, and will not damage sensitive medical equipment, electronics or computers, and is safe for use around plants when properly applied.

    In laboratory testing, Electro-Biocide has been shown to be less corrosive than non-chlorinated tap water.

    Safe for People, Animals and the Planet

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